Unleash the power of trusted collaboration!

The digital revolution is all around us. Technology in the B2B environment is increasingly influenced by what is happening in the B2C sector. It has become pervasive and is breaking free of traditional IT departments. It is breaking down boundaries and borders in systems and business.

It is disrupting proven models and ways of working. And it is resulting a whole new digital workforce. Boundaries between ‘business’ and ‘personal’ life and experiences are blurred.

Co-creation, crowdsourcing and ecosystems are the new sources of inspiration, innovation and differentiation. The pace of change continues to accelerate.

The cloud is at the forefront of this change. Companies are increasingly moving towards it and see it as both the marketplace and the virtual workplace of the future.

Trusted Collaboration

So how do companies embrace and harness this digital revolution? How can they future-proof their business processes? How can they create collaborative environments whilst securely managing access, identity management and single-sign-on for all the people involved? How do they reconcile ‘people first’ technologies and collaboration with control and governance?

In short, how do they create trusted collaboration for their digital business?

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Empower your colleagues with PortalTalk


PortalTalk puts trust at the heart of business collaboration. It is a ready-made and complete solution for trusted collaboration in the cloud. It seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing enterprise-wide systems. It provides the missing piece of the puzzle to offer businesses a unique combination of the accessibility, flexibility and collaborative power they want with the trust and security they need. Wherever and whenever it is required.