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The Product

PortalTalk is designed to maximize security and governance for the Office 365 collaboration suite – SharePoint and Teams – without compromising usability.

We believe that self-service for end-users is the key to sustainable security and PortalTalk was developed to be simple to use while still giving the IT department the tools they need to remain in control.

PortalTalk is fully integrated with SharePoint and Teams and we follow the Microsoft roadmap closely to ensure that the product continues to offer significant value to the Office 365 collaboration platform.

The Company

QS solutions is a Microsoft Partner specialized in delivering consultancy services and developing software products. We focus on the Microsoft 365 collaboration platform and have years of experience in Identity & Access Management (IAM) technology.

This unique blend of expertise has enabled us to develop PortalTalk – a product designed to maximize security and Governance for SharePoint and Teams.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, QS solutions works with best-of-breed product developers in IAM. They collaborate directly and closely with Microsoft to develop PortalTalk on the Azure platform.

Our mission

Our mission is to help organizations maximize the effectiveness of their use of the Office 365 collaboration platform by enabling security and governance without compromising usability.

How we do business

We deliver PortalTalk as a Service. The software runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud. No software installation and a minimum of implementation. You pay as you go, and our consultants and Service Desk are ready to help you with any implementation or operational issues. PortalTalk is also available through our international partner network.