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The Product

PortalTalk puts trust at the heart of business collaboration. It is a ready-made and complete solution for trusted collaboration in the cloud. It seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing enterprise-wide systems. It provides the missing piece of the puzzle to offer businesses a unique combination of the accessibility, flexibility and collaborative power they want with the trust and security they need. Wherever and whenever it is required.

The Company

Inspired by the ongoing digital revolution and grounded in years of experience in Identity & Access Management (IAM) technologies, PortalTalk’s vision is to enable truly effective networked digital workplaces and businesses by making trusted collaboration in the cloud a reality.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, PortalTalk works with best-of-breed product developers in IAM. They collaborate directly and closely with Microsoft, having developed PortalTalk on the Azure Active Directory platform.

Through a network of trusted partners, PortalTalk is available anywhere in the world.

The company was founded in 2013. Its history is linked to the development and subsequent acquisition of, Bhold in 2011 as part of Microsoft’s desire to strengthen its IAM capabilities.  PortalTalk was in early stage development at that time and not part of the acquisition.

PortalTalk is like water – an indispensable component of infrastructure for cloud solutions for enterprises

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver trusted collaboration to enterprises in a digital world.

How we do business

We deliver our PortalTalk as a Service. The software runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud. No software installation and a minimum of implementation. You pay as you go and our consultants and Service Desk are ready to unburden you End to End. Let’s get in touch!