How can you prove that you have your data under control? The Access control functionality in PortalTalk helps you to do exactly that. Each workspace can have Access control enforced in the settings. This means that the Owner of the workspace is required to confirm on a regular basis (for example: every 30 days) that the members should still have access to the workspace.

  • Workflow controlled

    Workspace owners receive an e-mail alert when Access Control is required. If the Access Control is not carried out, a reminder is sent and an escalation e-mail (to the Security Officer, for example) can also be sent.

  • User Access Control

    The first stage of the Access Control is to confirm that the members should all still have access. The next step is to check any security roles which has been allocated by the workspace owner in addition to the automatic role applied by PortalTalk.

  • Document sharing

    All documents which are being shared with users outside the team invited to participate in the workspace also have to be confirmed.

  • Reporting

    Comprehensive reporting on the Access controls is available in PortalTalk and, like all reports, these can be exported to Excel.

See how PortalTalk improves your Access Control in the video below