One of the greatest concerns the IT department has with Office 365 is managing external user access without restricting the ability of the organization to collaborate with external parties like customer, partners, and suppliers.

  • Standard interface

    PortalTalk provides a standard interface to end users for both Teams and SharePoint to invite members to participate in workspaces. This increase usability for environments where both SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are being used.

  • Roles

    The IT department can create roles (such as internal, external etc.) in which the authorizations are pre-defined and automatically allocated. For example: external users are always given the role external – which may mean read-only access.

  • Self-Service

    Access Management is carried out by end-users with self-service functionality but subject to central controls set by the IT department. It’s even possible to grant a role for a limited period (for example, make someone the workspace “Owner” during vacation).

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