How to withdraw your access on time?

In the previous blog we talked about simply handing out rights and collaborate with external parties with projects. The distribution of rights and permissions is only one side of the story. It is the trick to withdraw the undistributed rights at the right time again. In this blog the Bhold granted ‘attestation’ functionality will be discussed.

A decisive organization by attestation

The distribution of rights and permissions by managers is beautiful. Actually, the option to withdraw these rights in time is one of the conditions to give people user rights in the first place. As managers know exactly what is happening on the floor and can dispense the access rights, they also know when the rights can be revoked. By asking department managers or project managers to do this, it saves the IT department a lot of time.

Go to attenst1. The relevant manager will periodically (say every 60 days) get an email asking them to attest. This time it is about the Charleston Flood Protection Project. To certify the manager Right click on the project and then the Certificate button.


2. Then the manager will get a list of the members of the project.alle deelnemers in dit project



3. The Charlverwijder toegang van gebruikereston Flood Protection Project is in the evaluation phase. Petra Simons is done with her work and access to this project can be withdrawn. Clicking on the name Petra and then ‘Revoke’ the team rights have been revoked.



pas rechten aan

4. Then the manager will be asked to walk through the roles of the project team. He can withdraw the rights granted here. Now this is a long list of roles, but this list can be filtered by entering a name.


rechten filteren op een persoon5. By using this filter, the manager gets a clear list of all the rights of the particular individual. Click ‘Finish Attestation’ and you get back in control of your projects.



In a few minutes a manager makes sure that your organization remains in control of the granted accesses and rights. In this way, IT can demonstrate that the rights are not only distributed in a responsible manner, but also that the rights can be withdrawn in a responsible way. With extensive reports, IT is able to monitor all access.