Identity & Access Management is for the business

The main challenge for IT and security professionals is to empower their colleagues with the access and tools they need, while at the same time retain control. This seems like an impossible job to do. At PortalTalk we feel like this is the key to good Identity and Access Management. When you don’t empower your colleague’s with the right tools and access, they will start using cloud applications. Company’s data will be out of sight. The only way IT will retain control is by empowering colleagues.

A solid Identity and Access Management is the key between your business and the solution to create a safe cooperation. A healthcare facility is an interesting example. Healthcare institutions have internal departments that use a large number of applications and there are a huge number of processes and users. In addition to this, the health care institutions also collaborate with external organizations. If the entry per person is controlled, there is a jumble of rights and permissions. Elements of the chain cannot communicate with each other and work processes are rather inefficient than efficient.

PortalTalk believes that a good Identity and Access Management system will connect with business processes. The processes can be made more efficient and more flexible if the IAM system supports it. From separate rights and fragmented processes a flow is created, wherein the source is also the input. Where normally the manager asks the IT department to provision an employee, the manager is able to arrange this by himself. Collaboration with external parties is suddenly a piece of cake and also the monitoring of access is well organised. In the next blog we walk through a case where an organisation is working with a partner and a freelancer in one project. The source is the input and does this all alone.

Read the next blog and see how easy it can be to provision your colleagues.

“A well designed set of identity processes and infrastructure will pay dividends for many years to come. Don’t wait. Get started now. PortalTalk can help you!”

Alex Simons, Director of Program Management Active Directory, Microsoft