Self service access control

PortalTalk video

Do you want to reduce the amount of time your IT department spends managing user access to applications and SharePoint sites while providing users with an improved service? PortalTalk helps you do just that.

These days, users can start using cloud applications without involving the IT department and they like the speed and ease of use that this self service provides.

The problem is that your organisation then has no control over where documents and data are being stored and who has access to them.

PortalTalk provides self-service functionality so that Business Managers can grant internal or external users access to applications or SharePoint sites. The IT Department sets the rules by which access can be given and managed.

PortalTalk gives end-users the self service functionality and speed of service they want and the IT department the security and control it needs. You improve security and governance while providing end users with better service.

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