• Optimal compliance ensured by regular scheduled checks by business managers

Comply with legal requirements by using attestation

Business managers are best-placed to determine whether an employee or partner should have access to information. They are responsible for the processes in their part of the organisation and know what their staff are doing. So why make them responsible for not only allocating (but also revoking) access rights. Business Managers are the first to know when organisational changes are made or a partnership with an external party has been terminated. The most important element in ensuring compliance is revoking access rights in a timely manner.

Regular checks of access rights

To guarantee compliance PortalTalk regularly sends requests to managers asking them to check the access that they have granted. If users have left the company or changed jobs, it is important that their access rights are revoked quickly and reliably. This is something which is difficult and time-consuming for the IT department to do but which is regular work for business managers.

Comprehensive reporting enable Governance

PortalTalk provides a large number of comprehensive reports over access rights which have been allocated and recent activity. By scheduling regular checks on access rights, PortalTalk ensures that these are always up to date and that the reports produced reflect the actual situation. Succesful audits have just become a lot easier to achieve!