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No more waiting for access with PortalTalk

In our video Chris, Marketing director at Pardalum, shares his story about what PortalTalk means to him and his team. It used to take him and his team ages to get the right access to applications. Because of the waiting, his team started using cloud applications without involving the IT department. The job has to be […]

PortalTalk video

Self service access control

Do you want to reduce the amount of time your IT department spends managing user access to applications and SharePoint sites while providing users with an improved service? PortalTalk helps you do just that. These days, users can start using cloud applications without involving the IT department and they like the speed and ease of […]

How to withdraw your access on time?

In the previous blog we talked about simply handing out rights and collaborate with external parties with projects. The distribution of rights and permissions is only one side of the story. It is the trick to withdraw the undistributed rights at the right time again. In this blog the Bhold granted ‘attestation’ functionality will be […]

Case Study: Working with external parties in SharePoint

In the previous blog we talked about a solid Identity & Access Management that a secure and flexible collaboration allows. This article shows you how, based on a reliable system IAM, you can easily collaborate effectively with external SharePoint users   1. Pardalum is a fictitious construction company. They have 250 internal users, working closely […]

Identity & Access Management is for the business

The main challenge for IT and security professionals is to empower their colleagues with the access and tools they need, while at the same time retain control. This seems like an impossible job to do. At PortalTalk we feel like this is the key to good Identity and Access Management. When you don’t empower your […]