PortalTalk provides end-users with a “Create” button for creating Teams or SharePoint workspaces using pre-defined templates. It’s also possible to offer end users a “Request” button. This will generate a request to be sent to a pre-defined approver (or group of approvers) providing an extra check as to whether the workspace should be created.

  • Easy Request

    Requesting a new workspace is simple. Just select the type of workspace you require (Project, Department, Knowledge Base etc.), click on the request button, fill in the details and your request is submitted.

  • Approval

    A single approver or group of approvers can be defined in the settings for the workspace. They receive an e-mail alert the administrator also has a dashboard displaying open requests. Once a request has been granted, the end-users receives an e-mail and the workspace is available immediately.

  • Audit Trail

    An audit trail is maintained of all requests, their status and all approvals and rejections. This is a valuable source of information for IT auditors.

Check out the request workflow in the video below