• Less administration, more control

Role based access

Business managers allocate rights based on pre-defined roles.

Access rights can be easily assigned by Business users on the basis of pre-defined roles. A set of access rights which have been pre-defined by the IT department can be assigned to these roles. This makes it possible for a Financial Director, for example, to allocate access rights to a software application based on a User role. PortalTalk makes it possible for IT to define a set of permissions in a User Role and then use workflows so that Business Users can assign and manage these roles. Any compliance risks are quickly signalled either to the Business User or the IT department.

Fast and simple allocation of User Rights

In order to succesfully introduce Role Based Access to the business, it is essential to make the process easy to implement and fast. Introducing concepts such as: read only, edit, contribute, full control, admin etc. makes the solution difficult to use and business users will not adopt the system. PortalTalk bundles access rights in an easy to understand User Role and provides workflow functionality ensuring that Business Users can allocate User Rights without having in-depth knowledge of the security structure.