• Simple and secure collaboration with third parties

The extended enterprise

Your organisations boundaries are not determined by your firewall. Your colleagues work together with customers, partners and suppliers. Collaboration means sharing documents and data. Email and cloud apps like Dropbox and WeTransfer are most often the tools of choice for doing this. Security and compliance are not taken into consideration – your colleagues need to be able to do their work. But in doing so, the security and compliance are compromised. Traditional methods to ensure this security and compliance are too IT-oriented and time-consuming. It’s time to rethink your security policies.

The key to a modern and effective security policy is to provide as much self-service as possible, but to apply automated security policies at the same time. After all, the business users are best placed to determine with whom they need to collaborate but IT needs to ensure that this is done securely.

Third party access to your systems

PortalTalk has been developed to enable secure and controlled collaboration with in- and external parties. Line-of-Business (LoB) managers are able to establish collaboration with a few clicks, inviting internal and external users to access both documents, data and even applications.

The IT department can pre-set the specific authorisation workflows and allocate permission to certain roles. The manager then simply follows a simple wizard. PortalTalk provides IT departments with extensive reports to ensure that the meet compliance standards. Waiting for the IT department to add the external party as an internal user is history with PortalTalk.

Revoking access is key

Allowing managers to distribute permissions is fine, but it is even more important to revoke the access permissions at the right time. The LoB managers are in the best position to allocate access rights, but also when to revoke these. LoB managers are the first to know about organisational changes or discontinued cooperation with a third party.

To guarantee compliance PortalTalk regularly sends requests to managers asking them to confirm the access that they have granted. If users have left the company or changed jobs, it is important that their access rights can be removed quickly and reliably. This is difficult and time-consuming for the IT department to do but is regular work for LoB managers.