• IT, the driving force for effective business

Why PortalTalk

Increased satisfaction in work empowering your colleagues

IT has a primary role in the organisation to make self-service possible, PortalTalk can enable Business workers to initiate collaboration with partners and customers; enabling access to SharePoint sites, sharing documents, requesting use of software applications etc. The IT department can recommend applications to users with a specific role (for example, CRM system to Sales Users). IT is the driving force behind productivity, enabling collaboration and efficient use of IT resources.

How to get Started?

PortalTalk is an extension of the IT systems which are already being used in your organisation. We enable the business to work with the applications, partners and customers they want using proven products from Microsoft. All this is possible while at the same time improving your Governance structure and Compliance!

PortalTalk can be used in a number of different user scenario’s which map seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and integrate with your existing IT systems. More information on the scenario’s supported by PortalTalk is given below. If your intended scenario is not listed, please contact us – we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.